Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Announcing: PEBL Version 0.14

After a record-setting PEBL 0.13 (with more than 26,000 downloads), I'm excited to release the newest version of PEBL; version 0.14!

 Complete release notes are available at The PEBL Wiki.  This version contains many new improvements, but highlights are listed after the jump.

I'm initially releasing two version for windows. One installation package (which requires administrator access, but PEBL shows up in your menu and creates a battery folder in Documents\pebl-0.14.exp), and another 'standalone' version that could be run off of a usb drive or on a computer which you cannot install software on.

Highlights of 0.14:

  • The launcher has a much-improved interface
  • The launcher lets you set parameters for each test
  • A bunch of new tests for the test battery, including:
    • Three complex working memory tasks contributed by David Hegarty
      • Operation -span contributed by David Hegarty
      • Symmetry-span contributed by David Hegarty
      • Reading-span tasks contributed by David Hegarty
    • an improved Iowa task contributed by Peter Bull, 
    • New code to do PAR-type scoring on the Wisconsin (Berg) card-sorting test
    • A dual n-back task
    • A Luck-and-vogel style change detection task
    • Several verbal and memory tasks 
      • DRM
      • probe-digit (Waugh and Norman)
      • ebbinghaus test
      • brown-peterson task
      • Free recall task.
      • remote association task
      • Verbal fluency task
      • Paired-associates learning
    • some nice new scales 
      • Berlin numeracy,
      • handedness inventory
      • big-five personality
    • Stroop-likes:
      • Esposito's Bivalent Shape Task (a nonverbal stroop analog),
      • Number stroop
      • Color stroop (more useful than previous version)
    • Problem-solving/category learning
      • Weather prediction task
      • Traveling salesman task
I've also created a new  tool in the launcher that lets you combine data from multiple participants.  This will work for any set of .csv data files (and other text-based formats),  and so may be useful for non-PEBL users as well.

Finally, to help support PEBL development, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign via the SuperiorIdeas academic crowdfunding website.  Donators will get a special passcode that lets you go directly to the launcher, and will be first in line for technical support.

Below is a screencast showing some of the highlights of the new version, and a quick-start guide to using PEBL 0.14

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