Wednesday, November 21, 2012

PEBL the World Over

A couple recent publications by PEBL users has lead me to realize the following: PEBL has now been used on every continent, as well as international waters.

The Americas, Europe, and Asia and Australia were 'conquered' by PEBL long ago.  Africa was elusive; several years back, I remember reading a paper from some on-line journal of psychology from some African nation that possibly used PEBL, but I didn't save the reference and can no longer find it, or even remember what the journal was.  But a 2012 paper by Lucas and Buchanan compared some executive function tests in PEBL to a manual 'Tinker Toy Test'. 

Then, what looks to be an Indian journal called the "Neuroscience Journal" published a study by Premkumar et al (2012), who used PEBL to study cognitive function over a year in residence in Antarctica.  Thus, all seven continents are represented.

What is more, a conference paper by Hurdiel et al (2011) measured fatigue from sleep deprivation on offshore sailing races--on no continents at all. 

Of course, there is one 'last frontier': Space.  Some years ago, researchers at NASA were using PEBL to test their fNIRS set-up, but this certainly flew to the stars.  With the future of space travel being robots, this may be a frontier we never reach. 


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