Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Announcing: The PEBL Technical Report Series

The PEBL Technical Reports series is intended to offer an archival location for technical reports, academic term papers and theses, supplemental data, conference presentations, and descriptions/code for new experiments created with the Psychology Experiment Building Language and of use to the PEBL community. The technical report series is intended to give a means for disseminating basic research results in a way that is useful to the scientific community, which enables citation and reference, and which archives information in a central location. Along with manuscripts describing research, authors are encouraged to also submit the PEBL software used (if it is not available in the PEBL Test Battery), data collected, analysis scripts, etc.  Submissions undergo minor editorial oversight by the editorial staff, but are otherwise unrefereed.


Reports can be submitted to the PEBL Technical Report Series by sending them to Shane Mueller at smueller@obereed.net, with a short message describing why the submission is appropriate for the technical report series.  Reports should be formatted using the basic word template found at the bottom of this page.  Publication is at the discretion of the editorial staff, but typically involves minor copy-editing.  We encourage submission of any documents, data, experiment code, reports, conference posters, norm studies, etc. which the author holds copyright on and which are relevant to PEBL.  A technical report should consist of the PEBL Technical Report cover page, an abstract page, and content formatted roughly with APA formatting style and citations.  Tables and Figures should be included in-line in the document.  We welcome short (e.g., 1-page) reports that describe data from or experiments that will be hosted alongside the technical report.  Experiment code and data should not be included in the body of the report; rather, they will be included as accompanying downloads.  Currently, research reports are published at no cost to the author.
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