Sunday, September 26, 2010

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The PEBL Manual
I make the PEBL manual dowloadable free of charge, and it is you are welcome to print it out yourself.  But it is also available in the handsome perfect-bound paperback via the LuLu print-on-demand press.

The cost for the bound edition is just $14.99 + shipping, and if you are the type of person who likes to have a manual laying around to thumb through, this is more durable and not much more expensive than printing it out yourself.  Plus I get a small cut of the purchase price, which acts as positive reinforcement.  The Manual can also be used as a citation if you use PEBL.  Something like:

Mueller, S. T.  (2010).  The PEBL Manual.  Programming and user guide for the Psychology Experiment Building Language, PEBL Version 0.11. ISBN 978-0-557-65817-6, Lulu Press.

At the lulu link above, you also have the option of purchasing the manual as a download for $2.99.  Not that you can also download it for free at the PEBL website, but I do get a small cut of the purchase price of the download, so if you are strapped for cash but want to support PEBL, consider that as an option.

Plus, for a limited time, you can save %15 on the manual when ordered through

15% off The PEBL Manual

The PEBL Manual
Purchase The PEBL Manual with 15% off with coupon code FALLREAD305

Disclaimer: Use coupon code FALLREAD305 at checkout and receive 15% off The PEBL Manual. Maximum savings with this promotion is $10. You can only use the code once per account, and you can't use this coupon in combination with other coupon codes. Sorry, self-purchases (buying books that you've published) aren't eligible. This great offer ends on October 15, 2010 at 11:59 PM so try not to procrastinate! While very unlikely we do reserve the right to change or revoke this offer at anytime, and of course we cannot offer this coupon where it is against the law to do so. Finally, Lulu incurs the cost of this discount, so it does not impact the Author's proceeds of the book.

The cover picture was taken near Andalsnes, Norway, near the top of the Romsdal.  It seemed appropriate, being stacks built out of pebbles.
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